The Collective's Easter Egg Hunt Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions which apply to The Collective’s Easter Egg Hunt promotion, any prize, or any reward code (‘Easter Egg Hunt’). By entering the Easter Egg Hunt you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions along with The Collective’s general Terms & Conditions clause.

In these terms and conditions, 'we', ' us', 'our' and 'Promoter ' all mean The Collective.

For all enquiries in relation to the Easter Egg Hunt or these terms and conditions, please contact or dial +63 945 728 7754.

Start And End Date/Time

The Easter Egg Hunt will start at exactly 8 AM on April 17, 2022 (Sunday). It will end at 11:59 PM on the same day. All Easter Egg Hunt reward codes will be active in those hours only and will be void once the time has lapsed. All times will be based on Philippine Standard Time.

Entering The Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Egg Hunt will be open to individuals from all countries unless the Rewards Rules specify a different geographic region.

To participate enter, look for the blue egg icon placed on random pages of the website. Click on the icon and enter your email account on the pop-up form. You will receive your reward code in your email’s inbox, which you can then copy and paste on the Discount Code section of the checkout page. Easter Egg Hunt reward codes will not be automatically added to your cart upon finding the blue egg icon; the codes must be manually typed or pasted by the user.

You may only use one reward code per order when checking out (we do not allow more than one code at a time). However, you may keep looking for other reward codes to use in additional separate purchases.

There is no charge to enter the Easter Egg Hunt. However, you cannot use any reward code unless you place an order. There is no minimum amount of purchase required to use any reward code.


Each reward code is non-transferable and is only available on April 17, 2022. There are limited amounts for each prize. Once all the codes for a specific prize have been found and redeemed, that code will no longer be available for use.
If you fail to redeem the reward code within the time-limit or fail to comply with any other instructions or time-limits notified to you, you will not be allowed to use the code on the following days.

All reward codes cannot be used in conjunction with other offers, promotions or prizes.

You may win more than one reward in the Easter Egg Hunt as long as they are redeemed through separate purchases. We reserve the right to withhold or reclaim any second or subsequent prize.

All rewards that require shipping are not eligible for individuals living outside the Philippines. Physical prizes are only eligible for users currently residing in the Philippines. All physical prizes are subject to the shipping fee stated with your purchase.