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Still using single-use razors that are wasteful and offer subpar shaving experiences? Settle for nothing less than our Body Razor. A reusable and sustainable alternative, our Body Razor is ergonomically designed to give you a smooth and precise shave every time. It features a textured handle that’s easy to grip, giving you full control for a nick-free experience. Each Body Razor comes with ten replaceable and recyclable razor blades, as well as a matching stand so you can show it off on your bathroom counter. Available in a range of metallic finishes and vibrant hues, there’s a Body Razor for everyone.


Brass is a heavy and durable material that gives the razor a weighted handle, ensuring good control for the cleanest shave.

How to use: Use a 30° or 45° angle to glide it across your skin, using light and short strokes. To replace the blade, unscrew the head of the razor then take out the old blade. After inserting a new blade, screw the head back. For best results, always follow the natural direction of your hair. 

Shelf life: Replace razors every 4-6 weeks.

Brass, Zinc Alloy, Stainless Steel Blades

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Customer Reviews

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Toni Urrutia

It's so sleek, it's the batman of razors

Ramie Ammar
This is my favorite

Very satisfied. I love the weight, the feel, and the material.

Mariana Purificacion
For every angle? YES IT IS.

Super love how easily it glides. I was a bit anxious since I've only ever used disposable razors, but this didn't have a difficult learning curve. The matching stand is just a cherry on top.

Michael Hearn
Elevated shaving experience

Great weight, glides smoothly, sharp and clean. I have always enjoyed taking the time to have a good shave, this razor has elevated that experience.

Megan Que
Best-looking razor ever

I got the papaya Body Razor and the color looks even better in person! It's easy to use and even easier to clean. I can't get over the matching stand!

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