• Welcome to The Collective

Welcome to The Collective

The Most Collective Experience

The Collective experience is a reimagination of beauty and a rebellion against the idea of perfect skin. Challenging the notion of beautiful as looking a certain way, we believe that beauty has many different faces, shades, and sizes - that beauty is for everyone.
Inspired by real people, we aim to demystify skincare and beauty to make them easily accessible to you. Approaching self-care holistically, naturally, and honestly, we are here for you and your journey towards embracing and discovering your skin's best, healthiest state.

More than a Shop

We embrace the beauty of diversity and make it a top priority to understand each person’s unique needs. Offering a curated selection of skincare essentials and solutions for a spectrum of skin states, The Collective is your partner in discovering what works best for you and your skin.

Through a meticulous process, we bring you a refined collection of products and brands. Each product we carry is unique, well-researched, and tried-and-tested by our team. We also partner with people that share our commitment to creating a Collective of brands that celebrates all ethnicities, genders, and beliefs.

As a community that believes in growth as one, we will be inviting all our partner brands to the Philippines once a year to talk about skincare and healthy trends, share stories and envision what’s next for a collaborative gathering that aims to help everyone on their personal journeys.

Messages from our Founders

“In a marketplace that has become confusing due to the overwhelming amount of information and options, it is refreshing to have a convenient online store with a curation of products you can trust. I suffer from dry and oily skin, and as a teenager, I was prone to acne. I didn’t have access to proper information or products that were right for me, leading me to use ones that only made it worse.
With The Collective, I have found an opportunity to solve for others the same difficulties that I encountered in the past and continue to face today. As a male, I often find it awkward to read up on skincare, go to a store, or ask for expert advice. We aim to change this for me, for you, for everyone, and I am thrilled to share that change with you.”
– Michael
“Experiencing irregular skin texture to chemical and second-degree burns from the sun, my early years really helped me see the importance of understanding and listening to one’s own skin. I found fulfillment in creating and curating products that work, and that is what led to the beginnings of The Collective.
Our Mission is to aid in your discovery of what works best for your skin’s state. We want to guide you to feeling your best, not push you towards beauty standards. I’m not The Collective – we all are.
I’m so excited to be able to bring in more representation into the Beauty marketplace; to create a space where inclusion is at the heart of what we do.”
– Dominique

Our Mission

It is our everyday mission to guide you in your journey of discovering what works best for you, and to build a community where you can confidently and comfortably bring out the best in your skin.