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About Us

Glow Hub People

Welcome to The Collective

Your new partner in embracing and discovering your best self-care routine. The Collective was created to address the lack of diversity, representation, and integrity in the local skincare scene. When we first started, we saw how the market was oversaturated with big brands selling endless amounts of acne treatments and whitening solutions, most of them with sketchy formulations and harsh chemicals.

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Our Story

"I suffer from dry and oily skin, and as a teenager, I was prone to acne. I didn’t have access to proper information or products that were right for me, leading me to use ones that only made it worse.

With The Collective, I have found an opportunity to solve for others the same difficulties that I encountered in the past and continue to face today. We aim to change this for me, for you, for everyone, and I am thrilled to share that change with you."

-- Michael

Dom and Mike Together

"Experiencing irregular skin texture to chemical and second degree burns from the sun, my early years really helped me see the importance of understanding and listening to one’s own skin. I found fulfillment in creating and curating products that work, and that is what led to the beginnings of The Collective.

I’m so excited to be able to bring in more representation into the beauty marketplace; to create a space where inclusion is at the heart of what we do."

-- Dominique

It was hard to find products that could cater towards a spectrum of different skin types and concerns. Self-care no longer seemed like a fun and exciting journey, but rather a stressful job of playing detective. With all the confusion surrounding the skincare market, we wanted to build an inclusive platform where you wouldn’t have to do the guesswork anymore. We began doing our research and started testing out different products from brands all over the world to find the ones that work for a wide range of people and situations. We believe that skincare should be  transparent, honest, and accessible  for everyone. Effective ingredients and thoughtful formulations  are at the heart of what we do at The Collective, and we’re excited to help you with your journey towards  healthier skin and hair.

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Our Curation Process


Gap Analysis

It’s important for us to understand what’s missing from the current market. Who is being underrepresented? How can we help people with specific and unique skin concerns? We do this through mapping brands, products, marketing, and platforms—determining where the gaps are and using these as areas of focus.


Search & Research

We discover brands through a mix of research—visiting stores when we travel, personally trying different products, reading cosmetic articles, and listening to recommendations. We want to showcase truly authentic and results-based products.


Contacting the Brands

Contacting and meeting the brands are important parts of our partnerships. These allow us to work directly with founders and directors, giving us in-depth insight into the products’ results and their brand DNA.


Examining the Reviews

How are people reacting to the products? Are they seeing results? We aim to cut through the noise to find you products that meet their claims! How has the brand treated their customers and employees in the past? We believe that the principles of the brands we carry reflect on The Collective.


Marketing, Communication, and Values

When working together, all parties want to make sure we’re aligned. Having in-depth conversations with our partnered brands about their values, marketing, and communication help to ensure we’re all on the same boat.


Regulation and FDA Approval

Our full-time regulatory team thoroughly reads through the ingredients list which gives us a better understanding of the benefits they claim and concerns they tackle. This is also when we take the time to make sure there are no harmful chemicals present. All information is then sent over to the Philippine FDA to ensure compliance and approval.