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Here's What You Need to Know About Movember

Glow Hub People
OCTOBER 19, 2022

Here’s What You Need to MO About Movember

Here’s What You Need to MO About Movember
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Born in a beer hall in Australia, Movember was started by friends Travis Garone and Luke Slattery in 2003. After a few drinks, they talked about 1970s fashion and how trends manage to come back in style, which then moved on to the topic of mustaches. The term ‘mo’ is Australian slang for mustache, and Garone and Slattery were determined to revive this trend. They started a challenge.

Inspired by how women raise awareness for breast cancer, they decided to take their mustaches to new heights (or lengths, rather). They thought, “Why do men not have conversations about their health?”

And thus, Movember was born. They started small at first. It took them a bunch of emails to a bunch of guys (30, to be exact) to get the ball rolling and the razors humming. At the end of each November, the Mo Bros, which is what they called themselves, would get together to award the best and worst stashes.

What began as a dare at a bar has now become a six-million-strong global movement to raise awareness about men’s health.


Movember Men's Health Organization

Photo by @movember

By growing a Mo’ for the whole month of November, men band together to raise funds and awareness about three things: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men's mental health. 

What is No-shave November?

No-shave November is simple: at the beginning of November, all bros should have a clean shave. Throughout the month, each one should grow and groom a mustache (beards, goatees, or faux ‘staches are frowned upon). Proudly showcasing your mustache can open conversations with friends, family, and strangers. It gives you the power to speak proudly about men’s health and the movement.

What about those who want to join but physically can’t grow a ‘stache?

Sponsor a Mo’ Bro!

In Travis’ Ted Talk in Toronto, he mentioned that Movember is much more than growing a mustache–Movember is about using the platform and embracing it in your way. With collaboration at its core, Movember is the largest global funder for the prostate cancer support program.

Sign up with us and join the (mo)vement!


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