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Period Cup Set - The CollectivePeriod Cup Set - The CollectivePeriod Cup Set - The CollectivePeriod Cup Set - The Collective
Period Cup Set - The Collective


Period Cup Set


Your ultimate on-the-go period pairing! Whether it’s used or clean, keep your Scarlet Period Cup dirt-free inside the Period Cup Case and take it wherever you go as it’s designed to fit handily for any bag.  
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Period Cup & Period Cup Case: 100% medical-grade silicon (BPA Free)

How to Use+

How to insert the period cup:  

1. Fold to insert – Before inserting, fold the edges in on themselves to make the cup flat, then fold it again to make a C shape.

2. Insert & secure – Gently insert into your vagina. When you let go, the cup will position itself at the base of your vagina, creating a super secure, leak-proof seal.

How to remove the period cup:

1. Pinch finger grips at the base of the cup with your forefinger and thumb to release suction seal. Rock the cup back and forth to gently ease it out.

What to Expect+

1 Period Cup (please select size)  

  • Regular – holds up to 3 pads: Ideal for normal flow  
  • Large – holds up to 6 pads: Ideal for those who have given birth or with a heavier flow


1 Period Cup Case  

  • Compact and Water-resistant

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