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Seed Real Collagen Mask (Pack of 5) - The Collective
Seed Real Collagen Mask (Pack of 5) - The CollectiveThe Seed Real Collagen Mask Pack of 5 - The CollectiveThe Seed Real Collagen Mask Pack of 5 - The CollectiveThe Seed Real Collagen Mask Pack of 5 - The CollectiveThe Seed Real Collagen Mask Pack of 5 - The Collective


Seed Real Collagen Mask (Pack of 5)


Whether you want to spoil and satisfy your skin or you’re looking for a unique skincare gift to your friends, this 5-piece pack of the Seed Real Collagen Mask is best to soothe, moisturize, firm, and improve elasticity of your skin. Made with 100% natural seaweed seed, it’s suitable for all skin types and good for 5 uses!

Main Benefits:

  • Calms inflammation & redness
  • Leaves skin feeling super smooth

Bladderwrack (defends skin from pollutants)

Fucus Vesiculosus Extract (Bladderwrack)

How to Use+

For AM and/or PM use.

  1. Open the packaging and carefully remove the lid (there are seeds inside!)

  2. Fill the container halfway (around 30ml) of water and mix with the included spatula.

  3. Once it has a stretchy consistency (that means the collagen has been formed), take the mask out and apply it to the entire face. Let it sit for 20 minutes, then gently remove.

What to Expect+

Skin Concerns: Dryness, Dullness


  1. Is the mask single-use?  

    Each product is conveniently packaged for one-time use only.


  2. What step of my routine should I apply this?  

    Apply this after cleansing or after applying your toner. The key is to have a clean and bare face to absorb all the nutrients of the facial mask.


  3. Should I rinse my face after using?  

    No need! This is a rinse-free mask. It leaves the skin protected and hydrated. After removing the mask, you can proceed with using your moisturizer and continue with the rest of your routine.


  4. Is this suitable for sensitive skin types?  

    Yes! This face mask is appropriate for all skin types since it’s made from 100% natural seaweed seed.


  5. What does it smell like?  

    It has a natural scent from the seaweed seed, the mask has no other added fragrances. 


Contains 15g per tub (single-use).

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