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Period Cup in Large - The Collective
Period Cup in Large - The CollectivePeriod Cup in Large - The CollectivePeriod Cup in Large - The CollectivePeriod Cup in Large - The Collective


Period Cup in Large


"The Scarlet Period Cup distinguishes itself with an indented finger grip system and flexible stem, making insertion and removal worry-free."

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Feel safe, secure, and care-free even on your heavy flow days with Scarlet’s Period Cup in Large. Get the ultimate comfort and move freely without thinking of leaks or stains because this holds up to approximately 2 super tampons or 3 heavy-flow pads. Suitable for moderate to heavy flows (or those who have given birth). Save over 200 disposable products ending up in a landfill!

Material: 100% medical-grade silicon (BPA Free)

How to Use+

How to insert the period cup:  

  1. Fold to insert – Before inserting, fold the edges in on themselves to make the cup flat, then fold it again to make a C shape.
  2. Insert & secure – Gently insert into your vagina. When you let go, the cup will position itself at the base of your vagina, creating a super secure, leak-proof seal.


How to remove the period cup:

  1. Pinch finger grips at the base of the cup with your forefinger and thumb to release suction seal. Rock the cup back and forth to gently ease it out.

What to Expect+
  1. What is a period cup?

    It’s a reusable alternative to a tampon or pad that collects rather than absorbs your menstrual flow.


  2. How long can I wear it?  

    The Scarlet Period Cup in Large has small holes that help with removal for leak-free suction. You can safely wear it up to 12 hours before emptying, and it can be used day or night depending on the heaviness of your flow.


  3. Who is it recommended for?  

    This is suitable for all body types, menstrual flows, and for those with sensitive skin. The Period Cup in Large is ideal for heavy flows and for people who have given birth.


  4. Can the Scarlet Period Cup get lost? 

    The Scarlet Period Cup cannot get lost. It may sometimes move higher than usual, but don't panic! You can try using your pelvic muscles to push it down. It also features small holes by the rim and a soft and flexible stem for easy removal.

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