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A Guide to Post-Shave Essentials

Glow Hub People
NOVEMBER 25, 2022

A Guide to Post-Shave Essentials

A Guide to Post-Shave Essentials
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Apart from having a sharp Razor and a smooth Shaving Brush, washing your hair off with after-shave or cleanser is not enough. After all, you’re gliding a blade on your skin, so we want to prevent irritation and razor burns.

There are two things to keep in mind for a perfect post-shave result:

1. Keep your skin soothed and hydrated

2. Lock in moisture and support your skin barrier.

To help you out, here's our post-shave essentials guide that can help achieve your best shaving experience yet!

Step 1: Rebalance with a Toner

The primary function of a toner is to relieve redness and irritation, which naturally occurs after shaving. Aside from that, the benefit of using a toner is that it helps clear remaining post-shave residue that can clog pores and cause ingrown hair formation.


Use a gentle and alcohol-free toner. We suggest Goto Beauty’s Balancing and Hydrating Toner or Innisfree’s Green Tea Seed Skin, which will help revive and rehydrate the skin. It contains aloe vera extract to ease inflammation and strengthens the skin barrier with sodium hyaluronate.

Step 2: Hydrate with a Moisturizer

Moisturizing aids in healing the skin, making it feel its best for your next shave. It helps instantly cool the skin to reduce inflammation. Grab a moisturizer that contains niacinamide to build up your skin’s immunity to resist infection, keeping your skin firm and healthy. Evenprime’s Daily Moisturizer is fast absorbing and controlling shine and excess oil. It has a non-greasy formula that’s suitable for all skin types.

Step 3: Protect with a Face Oil

Face oils are highly emollient; it forms a protective barrier, nourishing the skin.


The best way to end a perfect post-shave routine is by using Alder New York’s Fortifying Face Oil. It’s made with plant squalene and MCT oil to lock in moisture and reduce inflammation. Your hydration is staying with you.

Shaving doesn’t stop with just rinsing and patting dry. Following this 3-step post-shave routine will help give you the most comfortable next shave.


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