How Miko Calo Takes Heat in the Kitchen

How Miko Calo Takes Heat in the Kitchen
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Curating your skincare routine is a lot like cooking. Just like there are thousands of recipes for a particular dish, there are also thousands of combinations of products and formulations to produce the same results.

Miko Calo is the co-founder and head chef of the Philippine-based, French bistro, Metronome. She speaks to us about her challenges within the food and beverage industry and her go-to ingredients in skincare. 

Miko's Skin Profile

Skin Type: Dry

Q: What's it like being a chef in the Philippines? What are the challenges you face?

Miko: Being a chef during these past 2 years was both difficult and inspiring at the same time. It’s been a challenge to keep the business afloat and stay relevant as well. It's inspiring because a sense of community was fostered within the industry.

Q: Was there a specific moment in your life that made you fall in love with cooking?

Miko: There's no specific moment... but I fall in love with cooking every time I see people thoroughly enjoy the food I made, or seeing and hearing our guests enjoy themselves at Metronome.

Q: What advice would you give someone starting in the industry?

Miko: Find a good mentor, work hard, and ask questions. 

Q: Do you have a pre and post self-care routine?

Miko: Work out regularly, drink lots of water, moisturize and wear SPF, wash your face and moisturize before sleeping.

Q: Are there specific claims or ingredients you look for in skincare products when you make your purchases?

Miko: I like beauty oils, Vitamin C, and retinol. I also use a daily moisturizer, and my sunblock must have SPF broad-spectrum.

Miko Calo's Ready-for-the-Heat Edit 
Alder New York Fortifying Face Oil

A quick-penetrating face oil formulated to smooth, firm, and tone sagging skin.

Laneige Radian-C Cream

A vitamin-packed moisturizer that brightens the skin from the core with the power of Vitamin C. 

Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Gel

A water-based sunscreen suitable for everyday use because of its light texture and smoothening effects.

Faace Tired Mask

A lightweight gel mask that transforms tired skin into glossy and glowing skin (no sleep required).

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