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Men's Skin Care: How Entrepreneur Alfonso Martinez Turned His Passion

Glow Hub People
FEBRUARY 01, 2023

Men's Skin Care: How Entrepreneur Alfonso Martinez Turned His Passion Into a Business and His Stance on Self-Care

Men's Skin Care: How Entrepreneur Alfonso Martinez Turned His Passion Into a Business and His Stance on Self-Care
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Alfonso Martinez is no stranger to the limelight - he comes from a lineage of affluent actors. However, he’s on a path that is quite different from his family's. He's making a mark by paving the way for car enthusiasts to come together, be it for a cause or just chilling and open conversations on men skin care. 
We caught up with Alfonso to learn about his ventures, what fuels him, and to find out what self-care means to him.

On Karrera Being a One-of-A-Kind Concept Today and How It Came to Be

Ever since he was a kid, Alfonso has been really into cars. It's his way of bonding with his father, Albert. This motivated him to be a part of a brand like Karrera. Karrera is a showroom for vintage cars that also acts as a hangout spot to grab a coffee or a bite to eat. Alfonso and his business partner, Alfredo, took inspiration from car museums and cafés they visited during their travels. The pair invite people to come to Karrera and explore items to inspire in a safe space and welcomes anyone.

A Note for The Kids

Alfonso doesn't consider himself a car expert, but an enthusiast. He mentions that, "There’s no right or wrong answer. Everyone has a choice. If you want a daily driver and do not want to worry about work, then electric cars are the way to go." For high school kids or college students, he recommends a car made from the mid to late 90s, as those are very traditional. He shares that, "It depends on the person, what they are looking for, and the community they want to build."

"Find the right community and people. Have a fun time. Please don’t sweat out the small stuff."

On Juggling Life

Like many, he hasn't figured out what the balance means. He quipped, "It’s about leveraging technology, trying to find the balance, and optimizing the flow of work to spend time with my son and family. There’s no one-way cure to finding the balance but continue to discover it. No one knows the right way."

On Men's Skin Care and His Personal Routine

Like many, Alfonso admits to using the "super basic stuff like toner or coconut oil."

He doesn’t think about it that much. When the concept of skincare was first popularized, he wanted to give it a try but it was overwhelming for him with all the options given in the market.
Alfonso reached out to The Collective to curate a routine for him. He mentions that ‘due to the pandemic, it’s hard to deal with “maskne” and self-care is a good investment. To add, he also enjoys watching something light like anime to disconnect.

Alfonso’s Advice on Men's Skin Care

Alfonso mentions that he’s typically out and about. So, he recommends using proper sunscreen from a good and reputable brand since some are bad for the skin.  
Alfonso adds that, "Your face and body are your investment. As you get older, you realize you’re not invincible and must take care of your body. One of the most basic ways to do this is to check your iPhone and monitor the UV levels." 
With Alfonso's insight, we learned that no matter how busy you are in business and life. It’s important to understand your self-care needs as it’s an essential part of your routine. A man who can maintain his car should also be willing to take some time off to rest, enjoy life, and indulge in the simplest of self-care. One's state of mind and body fuels the drive to move forward and achieve great things.


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