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When to Change Up Your Skincare Routine

Glow Hub People
APRIL 23, 2021

When to Change Up Your Skincare Routine

When to Change Up Your Skincare Routine
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Whether you’re a minimalist when it comes to your skincare routine or you prefer having a complex, multi-step regimen—we’re not shaming here!—the goal has always been to be comfortable in your own skin. Educating yourself as a consumer, ultimately, helps in forming a daily regimen that works for your unique skin type. Still, it’s an ongoing process of trial and error! You may encounter significant setbacks along the way, but it’s no reason to stop trying.  

PSA: Skincare isn’t a one-size-fits all. Your skin is ever-changing! There are factors that come to play when discerning which products to retain and change in your routine. What may work for your skin now may not work for another season. Still, there’s no need to overhaul a full routine! Keep what works and add essentials to maximize the effects of skincare products as a whole.

How do you know when a routine needs changing? Here are some practical tips:

Look out for these tell-tale signs of skin irritation.

Let’s get one thing straight: you don’t have to suffer for good skin! If using a product or a combination of products results in a burning sensation, itchiness, inflammation, flakiness, or acne, then you may have to stop using it. When skin starts getting sensitized, you may have to change up (see: simplify) your routine. Some products, as much as we do love them, simply cannot reciprocate our *feelings*. It’s also a great idea to do a simple patch test for every new product beforehand to see how your skin reacts. 

There may be times when you’re tempted to try new skincare products at the same time, especially after a good haul, but make sure that each product works well on its own before combining it with other products. Allocating 2 weeks to try it out before combining it with another new product is highly recommended. Take it slow, this isn’t a race! 

There’s been a change in season.

Feel that blistering heat and sweat trickling down your face? That’s summertime for you. With the abrupt, somehow unwelcome change in season comes the need to adapt accordingly. A change in season signals a new reality and a change in your skincare routine. 

For summer, it’s time to switch to a lightweight moisturizer (see: gel-type) that sinks into skin like nothing, much like the Laneige Radian-C Cream. Need more convincing? It delivers instantly brighter skin in just 2 weeks! We’re also highlighting the importance of sunscreen application—yes, even if you’re holed up at home 24/7! 

Skin gets easily dehydrated nowadays, too, which means we need to look for humectants, superstar ingredients, which help retain moisture in the skin. We may also need to take a step back from products that make us overtly dewy—almost greasy—and exchange for the mattifying type.

No skincare routine is set in stone. Listen to your skin and the changes that go with it! 

Need help curating a routine? Check out our Concierge section and take our quiz!



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