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5 Bathroom Essentials to Indulge In for a Fulfilling Self-Care Routine

Glow Hub People
JULY 15, 2022

5 Bathroom Essentials to Indulge In for a Fulfilling Self-Care Routine

5 Bathroom Essentials to Indulge In for a Fulfilling Self-Care Routine
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Self-care: the process of taking care of oneself in the manner of promoting health and hygiene.

To put it simply, it is a time where you indulge yourself with activities that helps you relieve stress and promote well-being to take care of your mind, soul, and body. Self-care specifically helps you respond to your skin’s needs in the best way possible and acquire your #selfcaregoals. Having said this, here are the top 5 bathroom essentials to fulfill these aspirations. 

Bathroom Rack Organizer

What better way to display your array of bathroom products than through an organizer? Not only does it help clear the clutter and keep your mind at peace, but also builds character to your bathroom. The character of a self-care guru!

Faace’s Dirty Face Cleanser

Derived from natural and fresh ingredients, Faace’s Dirty Face Cleanser gives a nice, good rest for your skin especially when it needs a breather from pollution, stress or sweat. The combination of coconut fatty acids, purifying aloe extract and glycerin help purge away the dead skin and excess oil, creating the perfect balanced skin. On the days where you feel lazy, it is a perfect remedy as it effectively removes dirt in one go as simple as that!

 Want to learn more about Faace’s Dirty Face Cleanser? Click here

Rebalance Pre-conditioner Treatment

To keep your hair hydrated and healthy, Naturally Drenched’s treatment is your go-to to help maintain volume and smoothness. This treatment not only hydrates but nourishes, restores, and strengthen roots of your hair. The added humidifying effects ensure that you come out of the shower feeling refreshed. All these benefits are sealed perfectly in their reusable aluminum bottle!

Naturally Drenched Rebalance: Your Crowning Glory’s Ally

Body Scrub Brush and Loofah

The Collective’s Body Brush and Loofah experiment with two methods to exfoliate, treating yourself to an at-home spa experience.

The Body Brush is made of highly durable and sustainable materials that cleanses well and promotes blood flow through the brush movements.


Similarly, the Loofah is 100% natural made from luffa gourd and is a gentler alternative—aiding in massaging the skin and facilitating cell turnover.

Scented Soy Candles

Imagine this: A long day after work, school, or whatnot... You enter your bathroom to the smell of detergent - an instant vibe killer. This is where scented candles can do the trick! Soy candles are made from soybeans, which are renewable sources of energy (they're toxin-free, and long-lasting too!)


Fragrant scents are scientifically proven to induce positive emotions. A lush and refreshing aroma can automatically switch your bad mood into a good one. Time to wash up happily!

Although there is no perfect combination of tools, these suggestions can help enhance your self-care routine with plenty of room to personalize it to your own liking.


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