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Lessons in Trying New Skincare Products According to Ruth Spence

Glow Hub People
JUNE 29, 2022

Lessons in Trying New Skincare Products According to Ruth Spence

Lessons in Trying New Skincare Products According to Ruth Spence
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Imagine lurking around social media and countless beauty brands pop up on your sponsored ads—it can get overwhelming especially when you’re still looking for the right skin product. 

We live in a digital world where everything is accessible with just one click. Video platforms like YouTube are now a thriving space for the beauty industry: in fact, a total of 222 billion views on beauty and personal care videos were made in 2017 alone! More people are now turning to videos instead of traditional blogs for product reviews and making brand decisions in general.

YouTube now makes it easier for us to watch product reviews from content creators, but a new problem arises: how do we know which ones are authentic? Enter our friend, Ruth Spence!

Also known as Naya Ruth by her subscribers, this dedicated mom, makeup artist, and entrepreneur tests a myriad of beauty and skincare products so you don’t have to. Here are her personal tips on how to be a smarter and savvier shopper on your next spree:

Read and Research

As a makeup artist, Ruth finds it exciting to discover and try out new products. Before anything else, though, she stresses that it's always important to do background checks (yes, this motto doesn't just apply to people!)

“I often come across products that already have good reviews, but I want to make sure how they would work with my skin considering that I live in a humid environment,” Ruth says. Getting to know the product will give you a better understanding of what works well with your skin type.

Ruth adds, “Even learning the proper application is important because there are skincare ingredients better applied at night or during the day to get the most effective results." It’s not like you shove a bottle of serum in your face at any time of day, right? Kidding aside, having an idea of the right way to use a product will help you achieve your skin goals faster.  

Know and Embrace Your Skin

“When I was a teenager, I felt really insecure with my skin tone, so I used a lot of whitening soap. Back then, I should’ve embraced my olive-morena skin and instead worked on making it even, not whiter.”

Sometimes, the reason we continuously test products on ourselves is because of our idea of perfect skin (a.k.a what the media tells us). It can be easy to criticize ourselves because of what we see online; it's easy to forget that the best beauty trend is to embrace our own skin!

From a makeup artist’s point of view, Ruth has this to say:

“Spend your money on skincare rather than makeup because if you have healthy skin, you won't need too much makeup. Application in general will also be easier when you have well-hydrated skin. Visit a dermatologist and get professional help to avoid damaging your skin even further.”

Experimenting with different makeup products isn't the most sensible because it’s both time-consuming and expensive. Instead, start building a skincare routine based on what your skin needs.

Ruth Spence’s Combination Skin Edit   

Pestlo Seed Real Collagen Mask 

Ruth: When I was mixing the mask, it looked like meat! But after using it, I felt really good and my skin felt nice!   

The Collective Cryosticks 

Ruth: Super relaxing! I'm one of those lucky ones with smaller pores even with my age, but I still see that my skin looks fresher, tightened, and more awake after using these. Immediate results! I love the cryosticks.  

Pestlo Saferecipe Sun Essence 

Ruth: I like it because it has SPF 50, but it also has moisturizer, and it has skincare benefits. It smells so good and the rosemary can uplift your mood! It also has a slightly sticky finish which I like because it gives you a natural glow.

 Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Milk

Ruth: What I like about Anessa is that has a powdery finish and is also lightweight!


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