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Faace’s Dirty Cleanser Will Be Your Next Favorite Skincare Find

Glow Hub People
JUNE 22, 2022

Faace’s Dirty Cleanser Will Be Your Next Favorite Skincare Find

Faace’s Dirty Cleanser Will Be Your Next Favorite Skincare Find
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Do you ever find yourself in situations where your face just feels… icky? It's as if your pores are suffocating underneath a thick layer of oil. Or maybe it's more like feeling the grime and dirt clinging onto the lines of your face.

If that experience seems all too familiar to you, then you should meet Faace’s Dirty Face Cleanser, the award-winning facial wash that’s taking over the UK by storm (for good reason). 

Most cleansers will leave your skin feeling too tight and dry under the guise of cleanliness, but the Dirty Cleanser is different. Not only is it formulated to give your face a deep clean, but it will also leave your skin feeling light, hydrated, and soft as a feather. Here's a breakdown of the ingredients that help it balance both.

Zinc PCA: An Underrated Acne Treatment

No, this isn't the famous sunscreen ingredient (you're thinking of zinc oxide). While Zinc PCA does show promising anti-aging properties, it’s more well-known as an effective treatment against acne and spots.

Zinc is incredible at normalizing your skin’s sebum production (read: less oil) as well as neutralizing the spread of acne-causing bacteria. This is the reason why you’ll normally see it paired with other acne superstar ingredients like niacinamide. PCA, on the other hand, is a natural molecule found in our skin that helps with hydration and collagen production.

Grape Seed Extract: More Powerful Than Vitamin C

If you think Vitamin C is the best thing that happened to skincare, then wait until you hear about grape seed extracts. Like green tea, grape seeds are packed full of micronutrients called GSPs which have super potent antioxidant properties that beat Vitamin C and Vitamin E by miles.

The GSPs found inside grape seeds also give natural UV protection that can further help with protecting your skin's collagen levels and reducing premature wrinkles.

Ceramides: A Super-Hydrator with Extra Benefits

You hear about ceramides a lot, but what do they actually do? The best way to think about ceramides is to imagine your skin as a collection of bricks stacked on top of each other. When you do things like over-exfoliating or not moisturizing enough, those bricks become more fragile and vulnerable to attacks from bacteria and dirt.

Ceramides act like a powerful cement that holds those bricks together, preventing water from escaping and blocking any bacteria that may try to cause blemishes on your face. Incorporating ceramides into your skincare routine will lead to more hydration and a healthier skin barrier altogether.

So, if your face feels like it's got layers of makeup, pollution, SPF, stress, sweat, or any other nasty gunk sitting on top of it, always remember that you’re in safe hands with the Faace Dirty Cleanser.


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