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ICYMI: The Collective Was Part of An All-Women Self-Care Event

Glow Hub People
SEPTEMBER 29, 2022

ICYMI: The Collective Was Part of An All-Women Self-Care Event

ICYMI: The Collective Was Part of An All-Women Self-Care Event
Reading Time: 4 minutes

When we talk about self-care, it’s good to be aware of what and who surrounds us. For instance, kids' self-care can mean creating engaging activities for them to be involved in and helping them express their emotions. For Gen Z, it may mean watching a show on Netflix or hanging out with friends.

On September 15, 2022, Nala Woman with Kindred Health Philippines organized an all-woman wellness event called "Let's Talk Ladies," and Dominique Cojuangco of The Collective was part of the panel! We had our first ever pop-up booth, showcasing women-owned and women-co-owned brands that we house, like Naturally DrenchedPestloFaace, and GemHoly grail self-care tools like our sustainable Razor (in Taro to match them *wink*), hairbrushes, and our crowd favorites- the Gua Sha and Cryo Sticks were all present for everyone to try out IRL! 

Let’s look back on what went down.

Images of sales booth in a Nala Woman event.
Event Highlight: #LetsTalkNalaxKindred

The space was intimate; it didn’t feel like you were attending "a talk" but just joining an informative conversation since everybody felt up-close and personal with the guest speakers. Dominique, our co-founder, alongside other female entrepreneurs, participated in discussing women's health, social issues, and representation. 


OB-GYN and Kindred’s program lead, Dr. Angel, debunked myths about menstruation. “PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) is real, and it can affect our daily lives,” Dr. Angel noted. We could agree that all people who menstruate can relate. She also answered the question about visiting your obstetrician-gynecologists. 

Did you know that as early as 9 years old, girls can visit their OB-GYN for a check-up?


L to R: Zara Carbonell (host), Jess De Mesa (CEO and Founder of Kindred), Dr. Rica Cruz (founder of Unprude), Dr. Angel Sianghio-Lapada (Kindred’s program lead and OB-GYN), Aiai Garcia (founder of Nala Woman), Dominique Cojuangco (founder of The Collective) and Ava Daza Zanirato (founder of Jellytime)



It was also refreshing to hear different points of view and listen to what these brands and their founders stand for.

"I don’t believe it’s necessarily about a brand "for women", but more about being feminist... creating brands for everybody regardless of what they identify. It’s about equality and inclusivity... it’s about empowering each other and building a community where people are willing to learn and are comfortable with sharing their thoughts."

- Dominique Cojuangco on the question of what makes a brand for women


It was humbling to stand side-by-side with brands that align with The Collective's advocacies and values about self-care. To share a space where everybody supports and empowers one another was certainly something we are glad to be a part of. We can't wait to participate in more events and build a community of like-minded brands and people!

Dominique Cojuangco Answers More Questions from #LetsTalkNalaxKindred
Q: What challenges did you face when introducing your products to the local market? 

Dominique: Once we officially partner with the brands, you can’t just buy and sell the products. As much as we're excited to share them with everyone as soon as possible, we go through the tedious process of getting FDA approval, which can take months. We want to ensure that your safety is our priority, which isn’t the case with most other beauty e-commerce platforms. 

Q: Basic hygiene and sanitary products like period care items are still inaccessible to most women. How are you and your brand helping to overcome this issue? 

Dominique: Giving back is a priority at The Collective and making period care more accessible to those who menstruate is something we want to take part in. Within our first year, we've taken part in two Pride Months, donating funds and 2,000 bottles of water for free at the Pride March, as representation and equality (as previously mentioned) are important to us. Last November, we also raised funds and awareness for men's health by joining Movember. 

We’re planning projects to help organizations with values we are truly aligned with. It’s something we're looking forward to! Stay tuned.

Q: How can we intervene/contribute to creating a safe online space for women when we witness women bringing down fellow women on social media?

Dominique: Being vocal on our platforms, to create a safe community of people who are willing to push for empowering others. 


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