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Founder of Goto Beauty, the Easiest Japanese Skincare Routine

Glow Hub People
SEPTEMBER 22, 2022

Founder of Goto Beauty, the Easiest Japanese Skincare Routine

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Before launching Goto Beauty, Helena Goto Alesi struggled with breakouts and unbalanced skin. She answered questions for The Collective about her career, family, what she does to unwind, and insights into her vegan skincare line Goto Beauty. Read through to get to know more about Helena.

This Japanese-Italian actress and model is the only daughter of a legendary F1 driver, Jean Alesi, and renowned Japanese model-singer, Kumiko Goto. Even as a young girl, Helena was already fascinated by the art of creation, leading her to study filmmaking in London later in life. Entering the world of show business was an opportunity she simply couldn't pass on.

"Because I grew up with a mother that is an actress, I was always around whenever she was shooting a campaign or a film," Helena recalled.

Meeting different pools of creatives and being in rooms full of talented individuals made her feel blessed and inspired her to work hard on her own craft.

Starting Goto Beauty

Ever since she can remember, Helena has always been fascinated with skincare products. "When I was a kid, I used to steal my mom’s creams and lather them all over myself [laughs]." As she grew older, she began experiencing the common issue plaguing most people: acne. And like most people, Helena also found it challenging to find products that best suited her concerns.

Most of the time, she would find a product that seemed to work for a while, only to find her skin in worse condition after a few days. It was after Helena moved from Tokyo to London five years ago that her skin changed for the worse. "It was a disaster," she described.

Her personal experience and struggle with acne made her curious about how the skin works and what ingredients we need to keep it healthy. It planted a seed that has now grown to be her skincare brand: Goto Beauty, inspired by her mother's maiden name.

Goto Beauty, available exclusively at The Collective

Helena researched the best labs in Tokyo to collaborate with – ordinary labs just wouldn't cut it. She wanted to formulate clean and effective products to help others who struggle with the same concerns she had. She hoped that through Goto Beauty, they would gain a new love and joy for their routines.

"I feel so blessed and honored to be in a position where I can do what I love and help people like me with sensitive skin enjoy their routines again!"

On Japanese Beauty and Skincare

Her approach to beauty also changed once she moved from one side of the world to another. From putting on a full face of make-up back in London, she now shares embracing the barefaced look in Tokyo.

"Japanese beauty is simply simple," Helena describes. "Japanese people take their skincare routines seriously, it's why most people have great skin! 'Less is more' is the way to go here."

What she loves most about Japanese skin care products is that they're gentle but effective. "Growing up in the EU, what I would find in drugstores or beauty stores are quite different."

Getting Personal with Helena
Q: Have you ever thought of following in your dad’s footsteps?

Helena: I have never thought of following in my father’s footsteps. My father used to be a racing driver, and although I love the thrill and the speed of racing, I have never thought of myself becoming a driver.

via @alesihelena
Q: What does your day normally look like?

Helena: On the weekdays, my day usually starts with meetings. I like to schedule them in the morning so that after lunch, I can focus on other parts of the brand [Goto Beauty] and emails. I usually finish working around 6-7 PM, sometimes later, because people work until late in Japan. After that, I would usually cook something yummy for my boyfriend and me, then we would watch a great film or show and relax for the next day.

On the weekends, my day usually includes a great brunch, a lot of walking around town, and dinners with friends!

Q: Do you have anything you're obsessed with right now?

Helena: My dog, always! Maybe a great lip gloss, too. I like to have plump-looking and hydrated lips.

via @alesihelena
Q: What’s one activity that you and your brothers like doing together?

Helena: Eating, shopping, making plans on how to scare or prank someone in the house, and watching comedy films together.

Q: What’s your favorite film or TV series of all time?

Helena: My favorite film of all time has to be the Harry Potter series. I’m a huge Potterhead! When it comes to TV shows, I wouldn’t say I have just one specifically. I love watching series and I’m usually obsessed with every one of them.

Helena’s Personal Skincare Routine

"'Less is more' is my motto with my skincare routine," she shares. "I really just use products from Goto Beauty – a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Sunscreen is also a part of my morning routine."

At nighttime, her routine involves more time since she also likes using hydrating masks or doing a peeling facial mask once a week.


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