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Skincare Tips for the Tropical Climate — Here’s What You Can Use

SEPTEMBER 07, 2022

Skincare Tips for the Tropical Climate — Here’s What You Can Use

Skincare Tips for the Tropical Climate — Here’s What You Can Use
Reading Time: 3 minutes

While we might not get to experience the leaves turning orange or see snow blanketing the streets, the Philippines faces its fair share of seasonal transitions. When the summer creeps in, the sweaters rotate to the back of our dressers. Umbrellas become a constant when the rainy season hits. As the cooler, crisper December breeze blows by, Christmas preparations are in full swing.

Another reflection of the seasons: our skincare routines. The weather and all its facets—think temperature, humidity, and even sunlight—affect our skin more than we realize. And just like we greet warm days with bare arms and the year-end with knits and layers, our regimens need little shifts to keep thriving.

March to May: Summer Skin 

The sunshine! The 30+ degree temperature! The sweat on your brow and lip! Summers in the Philippines demand to be felt. The key to nailing summer-appropriate skincare lies in lightweight, non-greasy formulations. When it comes to cleansing, Alder’s Everyday Cleanser is an ideal replacement for heavier oils and creams. It applies like a serum and gently exfoliates the skin with a conservative dose of glycolic acid. The brand is vegan too! (if that’s your thing)

Alder New York Everyday Cleanser (PHP1,250)

Despite that perpetual sheen of sweat setting your skin to glisten, you still need a moisture boost. In the thick of summer, let light serums and essences do the talking. Our pick is Pestlo’s The Brightist Toner-Serum, a three-in-one product to lessen the layers. It’s fast absorbing and has a non-sticky finish.

Pestlo The Brightist Toner-Serum (PHP1,600)

Lastly, SPF. No matter what the Gwyneth Paltrow of the world might tell you, sunscreen is a must. The summer scorch just intensifies this necessity. Choose a product that would not just protect you from UV rays but also protects your skin’s natural barrier. Anessa’s Perfect UV Skincare Milk does just that while soothes the skin with hyaluronic acid and green tea leaf extracts.

June to November: Rainy Season

A not-so-fun fact: high humidity and damp weather increase the risk of fungal infections. The stretch between June to November creates the perfect environment for these pesky infections to thrive. Undeniably, the rainy season signals a time when extra care is needed.

Skip on simple cleansers that leave you tight and squeaky clean. Instead, opt for non-stripping, mild formulations that still get the job done. We’re fans of Evenprime’s Cleansing Gel which dives deep to break down dirt, sunscreen, and makeup. Follow up with Pestlo’s Pantherecipe to dial the skin back to a clean, refreshed state.

Evenprime Cleansing Gel (PHP850)

December to February: Dry Days 

Christmas gifts aren’t the only thing you need to worry about towards the end of the year. If there’s any time you’ll want to go above and beyond in the moisture department, it’s during the cool and dry season.

Supplement your usual routine with a little extra love. Consider using products from Faace. Reach for Tired Faace Mask if you want to give your skin a 5-minute boost. With caffeine as its primary ingredient, it not only energizes and tightens but also reduces the visibility of fine lines. Need a creamy deep cleansing action? Then Faace’s Dull Cleanser is the one for you. Blending kaolin clay and green tea removes excess oils and unclogs pores without feeling dry. It will surely brighten your day!


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