This Brand Uses Recycled Milk Jugs for its Packaging – and They're Plant-Based Too!

This Brand Uses Recycled Milk Jugs for its Packaging – and They're Plant-Based Too!
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Plastic is one of the most used materials when packaging products such as personal care. It’s not new to us that this material significantly affects and harms our environment. This issue have been talk about for far too long. Filipinos consume a yearly average of 20kg of plastics, from which 15.43kg/cap/year becomes waste.

And according to 2015 data, the Philippines plastic pollution is one of the biggest waste problems leaving our country the third largest plastic producer in the world. And globally, plastic production reaches 400 million tons per year.

So, what can we do? Recycle and repurpose plastic. 


Meet Firsthand Supply

They are a personal care brand from Boston that creates products not only made from natural ingredients but also their product packaging is made entirely from recycled plastic – milk jugs!

"Real care means putting people first, including the environment they live in", says the brand.

How does it work? They turn used milk jugs into plastic resin (or little beads), then mold them into containers and what’s cool about it is that even if you might see some marks from the molding process. The epitome of being beautiful both inside and out.

1 Firsthand bottle = 1 recycled milk jug

Since its launch, nearly 300,000 milk jugs have been recycled and repurposed by Firsthand Supply!

Plant-based Ingredients

Sustainable packaging design is not only Firsthand Supply's key feature. If you are also planning to start a plant-based routine, they are the best to begin with when it comes to body care.

They use environment-friendly ingredients like kaolin clay for hair or chamomile extract for the skin. Using the criteria of the Environmental Working Group (EWG), Firsthand Supply ensures that they deliver safe and eco-friendly bathroom products.

By saying no to single-use plastic, you are saying yes to protecting the planet. It's good practice to prioritize sustainability whether you're recycling or buy naturally made products. It will not only help the environment and improve your wellbeing but support the next generations.

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